Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, I got a report from the doctor yesterday and Abigail does have some fairly significant food allergies. I actually talked to the receptionist so I am going to try to talk to the doctor today about some questions I have.

Basically, Abigail has a high allergy to peanuts (which I already knew), and a moderate allergy to egg whites, soy, wheat, and milk. Yikes! Thankfully she doesn't consume much milk or soy but if the doctor thinks that I need to eliminate all of these from her diet, it will be a challenge.

Breakfast seems to be the hardest meal to do. The other meals just need to focus on fruits, veggies, and meat (which are great things to focus on anyway), but besides oatmeal and fruit, we're a little at a loss for what to feed the girl for breakfast. We'll get it figured out, though.

I'll leave you with a beautiful picture of my sun-bathing beauty!


Andrew Schechter said...

Your Ads are getting annoying. I just had one pop up and slide across the screen.


Anonymous said...

I saw that pose in person and I still love looking at that picture!
(great) aunt Carol

Jaime said...

Yes, I was warned by BlogHer that they might be having pop-up ads. I can opt out of that but it would take a little doing. Just click on the X and it will go away. Or better yet, click on it so I can get a penny!

Jennifer said...

That is one cute pose! What a little ham!! :)