Monday, June 22, 2009

Wild Weekend

Wow, we had such a busy and crazy weekend. I know that for my current state and condition, I packed way too much in. I have to learn to slow down a bit. Here is what we did.

On Friday, I spent the morning at home because we had an AC repair guy out . . . again. I think he found the problem this time and refilled our coolant so our house was nice and cold all weekend.

I had to go into work on Friday afternoon and brought Abigail with me. It was a little crazy with a toddler getting into everything but we got it done. She had a blast running around the big church.

On Friday evening we went out to dinner with a group of our friends and had a blast. Yummy food, great company, and lovely babies to look at (2 weeks old). It can't get much better.

On Friday night, Abigail woke twice during the night. I think she was hungry. So on Saturday morning, we both took a long nap. When we woke we headed down to the Butterfly Show in Cincinnati. The show was very neat but the greenhouse was HOT HOT HOT and it was so crowded we could hardly move in there. By the time we left to go home, Abigail was so hot & tired that she just sat down in the middle of the room and wouldn't get up. Poor girl! Andrew got some great photos though. They are already up on our wall.

We raced home and Abigail and I got on our swimming suits. We joined Andrew's aunt and uncle at their swimming pool for a while. It was fun! Abigail really enjoyed swimming and I wish we could have stayed longer but a nap was calling us.

When we got home, I plopped Abigail down for a nap (she went to sleep instantly!) and I headed over, with my father-in-law, to get a desk for my new "office" in our bedroom. The desk was huge and heavy but it was a great deal. I am so thankful that my father-in-law went with me. I'm not sure we could have figured out how to take it apart without him. I definitely couldn't have moved it without his help!

We raced home, unloaded the desk, and drove over to my in-laws for a bon-fire. I was wiped out by this point. Wow! We had lots of good food and fun but I decided to head home a little early (8:30 pm!) with Abigail to give her a bath and then bedtime.

Sunday was a bit slower. I made biscuits and gravy for Andrew for Father's Day, we went to church, Abigail had a nap, we went to lunch at Grandma's. After that we went swimming again. Abigail still enjoyed it but not quite as much as she did the day before. The reason may be that her daddy was there and he insisted that he dunk her under the water to "teach" her to swim. She didn't scream or act scared but she certainly wasn't as interested in swimming after that.

We had a nice dinner together before heading home for bed.

Needless to say, the story is the same. My house is a wreck, the garden needs weeded, and the yard needs mowed but we had some fun times this weekend. Perhaps staying home next weekend to catch up and rest a bit would be a good choice!

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