Monday, June 08, 2009

Weekend Post and Baby Update

We had a great weekend. On Sunday, Abigail took her first dip outside in the little baby pool. She liked it but the water was a little cold. I need to let it warm up before I put her in it! I think she'll like swimming this summer.

We had some friends over in the evening hours for a photo session! :) One of my friends is a fabulous photographer (her link is to the right: eternal legacy photos) and another couple just had a baby a week ago, so they came over to use Andrew's photo studio for pictures. We had a blast! Precious little Peyton was so good for the camera and she has some fabulous photos. It is amazing how funny baby poop and pee can be. Anyway, we had a blast, so thanks, everyone, for coming over!


I haven't written much about baby #2 on here, so I thought I'd give an update.

I am feeling pretty good. Still occasionally queasy when I think about certain foods but the feeling is gradually going away. I did end up vomiting once but that is WAY WAY better than my pregnancy with Abigail, so I will take it.

I am feeling very very tired. Most of this problem has been because we moved a TV into our bedroom. Big mistake! We don't have cable TV and it isn't hooked up to an antennae but we have been watching bits and pieces of movies and staying up too late. Afternoon naps mess me up. I took a 45 minute nap yesterday afternoon because I could not stay awake and I didn't fall asleep until midnight last night! That is very late for me, since I get up around 6:15 am.

I moved my ultrasound, again, and hopefully it will stick this time! We find out the gender, I think, next Wednesday, the 17th. I am toying with the idea of not finding out this time. I guess I have over a week to decide! :) Makes me feel like I'm living on the edge.

I am going to keep this sensitive issue vague for my own sake but I have been spending lots of time praying that I can avoid some or all of the emotional issues and adjustment issues that I had after Abigail was born. I love my daughter (obviously) and would do it all again for her but I'm hoping this experience will be a little easier on me.

If we end up finding out the gender, I will obviously announce it on here. I can't keep that a secret! :) We will be keeping a tight lid on the name this time around. I don't even want to hint at it. So far we're calling it "Baby X" and that is probably what it will be known as for a while!

Have a great Monday!!


annaO said...

It's got to be a boy. Sounds like a pretty different pregnancy than the first. :)

Jaime said...

I'm thinking boy too but my mom said that she wasn't nearly as sick with me as she was with Jenny. We'll see in a week (and a day), I guess.

Also, the heartbeat was a little slower than Abigail's was.