Thursday, June 25, 2009

My first baby! *Updated*

Dewey about 12 weeks old.

There is something terribly wrong with my first baby. I'm not talking about Abigail, I'm talking about our doggy, Dewey.

Last night, after letting him stay inside in the cool while we ate supper with family, we brought him inside. Andrew was upstairs in our bedroom on the computer (new monitor!) and Dewey was just laying on the bottom step of the stairs looking pitiful.

I said, "You can go upstairs, Dewey" and continued to proceed up the steps with him. He had a hard time making it up, however. Then he just curled up at Andrew's feet and laid there. So sad! We thought a night of rest might help.

Well, this morning when I was packing up the car to leave, he was sitting outside shivering! It is hot outside, folks! I gave him a bone from a steak that I cut up last night and went over to pet him (big mistake). Either he is rabid (don't think so - ha!), he was being protective of his bone (most likely), or his is in real distress but he lunged at me an snarled. He clipped my hand a little with his teeth but didn't break the skin. I'm glad Abigail was already in the car.

Usually my doggy is the sweetest and most energetic boy ever, that is why I'm so concerned. I guess if he is not better by tomorrow I'll be heading to the vet (with a sick dog and a toddler - oh my!). I have forgotten to mention that he hasn't eaten in a few days. If he doesn't eat his dog food tonight, I may tempt him with a little steak (in his bowl) from our beef stroganoff dinner. (Oh- that makes me hungry).

Poor boy!

*He ate a little bit of his food tonight, ate a little beef stroganoff and spent most of the evening laying at our feet. There's definitely something off but I don't think he's dying today! He did yelp in pain when Andrew touched his haunches so we think there is something wrong with his backside. He couldn't jump on the couch, chair, or bed. Does this warrant a vet visit?**


Laura said...

We definitely know when something is wrong with our dogs if they haven't eaten in a couple days. They usually just get an antibiotic from the vet, which clears out the bad bacteria in their tummies. Poor Dewey. I hope he's okay!

Jaime said...

I know! I hated to leave him today but I couldn't really miss work for my dog. He looked so miserable. Maybe he'll pass whatever is bothering him.

Laura said...

I would take him in. He's definitely not acting normal. The vet will probably know exactly what's wrong.

ginabnina said...

Glad to hear he's feeling better. He's such a cute little guy!!