Monday, June 01, 2009

Our little Scholar!

We spent lots of time "resting" and "doing" yesterday and I'm tired. I spent quite a bit of time pulling weeds from my garden and I only got two rows done. Almost everything I planted is up, so that is good. I did spent quite a bit of that time with Abigail "helping". I need to get her a little plastic gardening set. She kept trying to "pick" my marigolds. So, thank you to whoever it was that was teaching her to "pick" flowers! :)

I also spent time mowing the grass. That activity is growing very uncomfortable for me. My "baby" felt sore after I got done, so I need to slow it down next time, or see if busy-bee Andrew can do it.

Here is a cute picture of Abigail studying a map of the United States on the way home from Kansas. This photo is not staged. She looked through our new atlas for quite a while on the way home.

She also LOVED the book, "Go! Dogs, go!" She would wiggle her little body around and say "go!" in several appropriate places. I think I read that book 10+ times on the way home.

I had a frustrating time this morning trying to get my midwife and ultrasound appointment changed so Andrew could go with me. He is now going to be working from home on Wednesdays, so he wanted me to change the appointment to Wednesday. It's amazing how difficult it can be just to push things back a day. I guess the tricky part is that the midwives office doesn't do the ultrasound so that all has to be coordinated. Thankfully it is at the same location. I will be so thankful to get this done and can hopefully put aside some of my worries. I don't want to go into much detail here but let's just say I thought I'd feel more movement by this point. I think I have felt something but I just can't be sure.

There is definitely a baby in there. We've seen it!

I need to take a picture of our brand new sidewalk! I think our project for this next weekend will be to do some landscaping and mulching of the front bed!

I've been trying to keep busy so I don't think too much about "home". :(

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