Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back Update

Well, Andrew has made a very slight improvement. He was able to sit yesterday for some time instead of just laying down. Abigail and I went to church this morning and got home just in time to eat lunch, get Andrew lunch, and head for a nap (Abigail) and now Andrew is sleeping. This means that I haven't had much time to see how Andrew is today. He made it from bed to the couch so I guess that's good. Please keep praying for him as this is an extremely painful condition and he has had it since Wednesday. I know he hopes to go to work tomorrow but we'll have to see.

This has definitely made me appreciate those people who are single parents or who are constant care-givers to someone in need. It is an amazingly time consuming and difficult task. So my hat is off to all of you. We are just getting a taste of what some people live like everyday!

Andrew is going to attempt to make it to his aunt and uncle's house for supper tonight so we'll see how that goes. Well, I need to do laundry and dishes now.

Oh, thank you to Andrew's cousin, Michael, who weed-eated (is that how you say it?) our ditch last night. It looks so much better! Thank you!

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