Friday, June 12, 2009

We're inching towards being out! *Updated

Well, my poor husband is certainly not improving. The day he messed his back up he went to Lowe's and the chiropractor by himself. Yesterday he had to call his Grandma to drive him to the chiropractor and this morning it takes almost an act of God to turn himself over in bed.

My heart is hurting so much seeing him in so much pain! He was so upbeat and laughing about this the first day but he is getting pretty down at this point. He wouldn't succumb to me feeding him breakfast, so he hasn't eaten yet.

Seeing Abigail seems to cheer him up so we've been doing a lot of gentle visiting! She's used to roughhousing with her daddy so we're being very careful!

I think I have a system worked out that I can do some outside work today. I'll have my phone and Andrew will have his. He will also have the baby monitor so during the naps today, I can be outside and Andrew can let me know when/if I need to come in. I think it will work!

Ok, I'd better go check on the poor guy!

*Updated: Well, the day certainly wasn't easy but it is about over. After the painful trip to the chiropractor, Andrew spent most of the day in the easy chair or couch. The chiropractor has put him on 3 days of bedrest so he is exactly where he should be.

Thanks to some wonderful help from family members, I was able to mow the back yard. Andrew's aunt and cousin watched Abigail for me for a while this afternoon/evening and it was so helpful!

Thanks for your concern and prayers for him. This is not much fun but hopefully some good will come of it.


Dorinda said...

That's no fun! Praying for you guys!

Susan said...

I've got lots more people praying for him now. Hope to see good results soon!