Tuesday, June 02, 2009

16 months

Today is Abigail's 16-month birthday.

She is such a sweet, ornery, independent, whining, precious, lovable little girl. And, yes, I guess now I know that you can be all those things at the same time.

Her personality definitely blossomed on our trip to Kansas. Andrew and I both realized that Abigail may be a bit more like me that either one of us want to admit! :) She can be so sweet and cuddly at times but can be quite determined at times.

Yesterday, I was again in awe of the joy and wonder that I find in being her momma. Let me try to explain. There are so many people who love Abigail, who clamor and are determined to be near her, who desire to babysit and think she is the sweetest thing ever. I do mean lots of people. Yet, in the midst of it all . . . I am her mom. It is just an overwhelming feeling of blessing that I have that I get to be the momma to this sweet girl of whom most everyone desires her presence so strongly. Amazing!


A few things for the record, so I don't forget. Abigail has another cold. It's not bad. No fever (as of yet) and she is sleeping well. My blog has come in so handy in remembering Abigail's ailments over the last few months, so I need to continue keeping track.

I think I'm going to take her for allergy testing this Friday, as long as something else doesn't come up.


Today is Andrew's first day to work from home at his own business. He is quite excited. He is only working from home one day a week and the other days he is back at his regular job. He is planning to be home on Wednesdays but this week is difference since he has a "business" golf outing this afternoon.


My garden is not turning out too shabby! Things are actually growing and I'm excited. I have spent time each evening hoeing the rows and pulling weeds. Once I get caught up from being gone for over a week, it should be a little easier to manage. I also can't help myself but I water more frequently than I probably need to. It is the Kansan in me. Of course I won't water if it rains but if I'm just not quite sure if it is going to rain, I water anyway. I am really enjoying myself. The only visible produce so far are little tiny peppers. They are so cute. I think I'll take a picture. I still need a few cages for tomatoes and something for my sugar snap peas to grow up on.

I think we may actually grow some food this year. Of course, now the trick is knowing the right time to pick stuff. I have plenty of experts in the family to ask.

Abigail enjoys being with me in the garden. This weekend I think I'm going to try to find her a plastic gardening set for kids and some good shoes to wear. I don't want her walking in the garden in her nice white (expensive!) shoes.


Jennifer said...

My garden is growing like crazy, too! We were gone over Memorial Weekend (4 days) and when we got back ALL the seeds had sprouted and were several inches tall already! It was crazy. I'm so excited to start getting veggies out of my garden. They just taste so much better (and save so much money). I want to see a picture of your cute little peppers :)

Jaime said...

I had Andrew take a picture of the peppers (they are growing so fast!) last night but the picture is at home on the camera. Maybe he'll post it for me tonight. It seems like my plants grew overnight. I need to get back to the garden store for more cages!