Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Edition

Quick Updates:

1) Andrew is doing better. He can still get pretty sore but he was moving better this morning. He said the hardest part of yesterday was sitting on a hard chair or standing while teaching his class from 6 pm to 10 pm last night. He gets to go with me today. Yeah!

2) I am getting to the stage where it is no longer comfortable to squeeze into non-maternity pants. I only have 3 pair of summer maternity capri's and they're all dirty so I had to wear pants today. I only have two maternity pregnancy summer shirts so it looks like more money will be spent on that soon. I'm also wondering when I won't feel so tired all the time! (years away probably)

3) Abigail is doing great. She is such a little talker. Last night, for the first time, she verbally told me "no" when I asked her if she wanted to eat something. Yeah for communication!!!

For my own memory, I'm going to try to record all the words she says, although I'll probably forget a few:

No, Baby, Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Shoes, More, Go, Dewey, Doggy, Dolly, Up, Two, Banana (Molly witnessed this one with me, she said it clear as day when I was holding a banana), Hot, Brr (cold ourside), Cheese. (I may be forgetting some).

She signs: All Done, More (now she says this when signs it), drink, tired.

Nonsense words that she repeats over and over again:

"Bickle, Bickle, Bickle, Bickle Ba, Da Da" (Seriously - hundreds of times a day)
"Dyshee" or "Dysee"

I think she attempts to say many other words but they just aren't clear yet. It sounded like she was saying "bird" yesterday and occasionally she'll try to say food names, such as "milk" and "Cheerios".

Who knew that watching a kid learn to talk would be this much fun?! It is just amazing to see her grow and change every single day. She seems to learn a new word every day. The amazing thing is, she usually doesn't speak a word until it is very very clear. You know exactly what she is saying.

And, oh my, is she ever growing. I have an 18 month outfit that I bought a month ago for her. She wore it yesterday and it was so short! I think we'll definitely be supplementing her summer wardrobe with 24 month stuff by the end of the summer.

Ok, that's all. Most of that was for my own memories sake. I know I'll be forgetting all of this soon and I want it recorded! I'll post after we get back today!

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Jennifer said...

I love how she says my name too...I just don't get why she pronounces it "Dyshee" : )