Friday, June 26, 2009

Images of June

At the butterfly show. She wouldn't stand still!

A butterfly!

My pepper plant with little peppers. I picked 7 (yes 7) hot peppers last night. Anybody want any?! The garden is much bigger now! We'll have tomatoes and cucumbers soon!

Airplane with daddy (before the back injury, of course). She loves it!

We are going to the vet today. Dewey did eat some (not all of his food) but he still acts bad. The appointment is at 1:45 pm. I'm off to get ready for my day now!


Anonymous said...

Picture 1: She can't stand still because she's a butterfly!

Picture 2: So what kind of butterfly is it?

Picture 3: I'm impressed with your gardening abilities!

Picture 4: That's called being "Daddycated". Don't you remember?

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

Yes, I have tried to get Andrew to call that Daddycating but it hasn't stuck yet. I'll keep trying.

Andrew said...

I don't know what Daddycating is, but when I am doing the "airplane" with will be called the "airplane."

Jaime said...

You aren't any fun at all. It's a Fairchild family tradition to call it daddycating. Maybe I'll have to change it to mommycating if you won't play along!