Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Printers and Overweight Repair Men!!

Argh! Since nothing is going right this morning, I decided to blog about it.

It all started about a month ago when my boss saw a smudge on one of our letters we send out to students. It wasn't a very big smudge but he thought we ought to have the printer repair guy out to fix it. We called the repair man, which I dislike to do. He makes me uncomfortable. His personality is very somber and feels that each breakdown is a tragedy. I am also uncomfortable around him because he is so large I have no idea how close to get to him without bumping into his belly! So the repair man came. . . his belly proceded him through our door and he fixed the problem. Alas, a week later huge, thick, black lines began to appear on the letters . . . the repair man was called again. Fixed (for the time being)! Alas, another week later my letters began to have double images . . . the letter was shadowed or printed twice on the sheet of paper! Argh!! Here comes the repair man again. After about three trips to fix that problem (finally fixed), I get a serious error code one day . . . after my printer smells like a pile of burning tar. This printer is very important, just so you know, for our students to get their mail from us (acceptance letters, and the like), so it MUST work. He came out and fixed the error by resetting the entire machine and I lost a five hundred piece mailing. I reset the mailing in the correct spot and went about my business. As I began to print again, last Friday, the printer began to jam. Not just a regular paper jam but a serious jam. Must have jammed about twenty pieces of paper. The repair man was called again.

After about three hours of work (4:30 pm by this time) the repair guy said it needed a new part. (great) but it was too late to order it today (why didn't you figure that out sooner) so it may not be in until next week (still . . . just wonderful news). "I have plans to be gone next week and I would like to get these printed this week so my student worker has something to do while I am gone," I said to the repair man. He continued to elaborate (and I do mean elaborate) how the whole shipping process could take a while if the part had to come from China vs California (why can't we Americans just make our own parts! Argh!) and how he didn't want to be the one to blame if the part didn't come in, etc, etc. I assured him that I knew it wasn't his fault (although I was fuming inside, not necessarily at him) and that I knew he would get it here asap. Why not just get me a new printer! Argh!

Anyway, my day finally improved yesterday when the repair man told me how much he loved coming to work on the printers at Sterling College vs other businesses (he certainly has spent a considerable amount of time in my office lately) because we are all so nice and kind and we don't cuss, etc. He went on and on in his usual way! That made me very glad that my frustration at the machine and at his "slowness" had not shown through (I think it didn't anyway, Andrew always says I am fairly apparent when it comes to those things). :) Anyway, in the end we had a nice discussion about Christianity and how he believed it was the end times. Very strange conversation but in the end it was very enlightinging to talk about deep matters with the overweight printer repair man!! :)

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