Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hum Drum Life - Back to Health Focus

Well, life is slowly getting back to normal. First we had a week off in Ohio with a flurry of activity there, then I was sick for a while (always makes things seem weird) and then this whole job thing came up. I am now starting to notice that even though I had a several people call me to inquire about voice lessons, no one has called to actually set a time for lessons. Hmm, I hope they do.

Well, I have started a new "diet." It isn't a diet per se, as American culture views diets. It isn't depriving myself of anything really. It is called the Baby Wise diet. Ok, let me explain. I heard from some friends here at Sterling of their cousin who went on this pre-pregnancy plan. I mean she took like two years to prepare her body and I have read of other people taking four years, so don't think we are planning anything soon. So anyway, my mom helped me find some good books and this diet plan was in one of them. It is very easy to follow.

So the diet is really a checklist. I need to eat so many of certain foods in a day and then when I am done I can have what I want. The secret to the success of this is that there are so many servings on there a day of things that need to be eaten that there isn't much room for extras. It is things like five servings of vegetables, three servings of fruit, two servings of low fat calcium foods, two servings of lean meat, etc. It is working well so far. I have been so busy trying to pack in enough fruits and vegetables in my diet that I haven't had time to eat much else!

Anyway, so hopefully this will help me become healthier. I want to lose weight but I want to lose weight so that I will be healthier. It is sort of a circle effect really. I am also really trying to eat as natural as possible (least amount of processing the better). I am starting to notice a shift in my grocery shopping habits. I definitly linger in the fresh foods section much longer now. So that is what I am up too.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a healthy eating plan to me....I think after all these years of eating and dieting and losing and gaining that moderation is the key to everything. Easier said than done and I struggle with it every day. Carol from Hamilton

Jaime said...

Thanks for the comment, Carol. I will take any advice you have to give!