Thursday, June 30, 2005

100 Degree Camping and It's a Dog's Life

My life if never free of an occasional surprise. Andrew walked down to my office this morning and wanted to see if I would go camping with him this weekend and some of our friends. I have only "officially" been camping once and I enjoyed the experience, except for being dirty. However, that was camping in Colorado. We have had several days recently that have been in the 100's. Yikes! Fortunately we will be out camping by a lake and therefore we can at least get in the water to get cooled off. We will be bringing Dewey and I'm sure he will have a GREAT time. He always does.

I was thinking of this the other day when talking a walk with Dewey. He doesn't care WHO he meets, he wants to be their friend. Yesterday while walking Dewey met another little dog who barked, snarled, and growled at him. It didn't faze my puppy one bit. He just kept on trying to be friendly to the other dog. (He gets that from Andrew, constant optimism). He also thinks that every one we pass on the sidewalk should just love to pet him. What would life be like if we had that kind of optimism? If we thought that everyone we met would love us and that we could be extremely friendly even in the face (snarling, growling face) of someone who is mean and unkind. I know my life would be so much better!

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