Monday, June 27, 2005

Wow! Moving to Virginia?

Wow, some amazing things have happened to us this weekend. On Friday, I went with two of my friends to McPherson for lunch. While at lunch, my phone rang. The deli was a bit noisy so I decided not to answer it. The caller left a voice message, which I checked. A few weeks before that I had applied to a church in Virginia. The job sounded perfect for me. Church Administrator. Anyway, I sort of did it for fun and never thought I would hear anything from them. Well, the pastor of the church gave me a call back and asked me to return his call. All weekend, Andrew and I pondered what life would be like if we moved to Stafford County Virginia.

So, I decided I would just call him back this morning to find out what the job was all about. I just talked to the pastor of the church for about 1/2 hour. My only concern with the church is that they are a non-denominational charismatic church. There isn't anything wrong with that but it just isn't a church that I am familiar with. You can check out their website at Anyway, I enjoyed my conversation with the pastor and they seem interested in me. I wasn't offered the job per se but it sounds promising.

I am very excited and scared about this all at the same time. I would be the primary supporter while Andrew goes back to school. I have never lived out of the state of Kansas (one reason that I want to and don't want to move), I have never lived more than an hour from my parents, etc. Anyway, this blog is mainly to implore you all to please pray for us in the coming week. The pastor asked me to call him back if I was interested so the ball is now in my court! I suppose I can always continue the process and backout if anything seems amiss. I would prefer to at least attend a worship service there before agreeing to work there. Anyway, we will be doing lots of thinking and praying this week and we would appreciate your prayers as well!!


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence that this is in Stafford, Virginia, instead of Kansas where you grew up! I looked at the website for the church and it sounds pretty good. We will have to pray for clear direction...

Beth said...

i'm excited to hear what life will look like in the next few weeks! :) sometimes obedience can be the hardest thing... esp. if it means jumping out of our boats! :)
love you!