Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Random Thoughts Today

  • I had a MOPS meeting at church last night. I love making new friends, seeing "old" ones, and our church. My husband was sweet and stayed home with the baby (she slept, he worked).
  • Abigail is so good in the mornings. She has been waking up before I have a chance to take a shower (6:00-6:15 am) and so after I feed her, I put her back in her crib and hand her a book. She quietly plays with the book until I'm done with my shower, doing my hair, and getting dressed.
  • One of my most favorite things to do it to spend time with my husband. I don't feel like I do that enough!
  • I am looking forward to our young married group Christmas party on Thursday. What should I bring? I have too many ideas! :)
  • I hesitate to write this because I may be jumping the gun but I think Abigail might be working on her first year molars. I saw some bumps back there the other day and she has been a little more mouthy lately.
  • My house is in disarray. I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees the other day, since Abigail is playing in there so much (ah, that felt so good) but I haven't cleaned or done much laundry since then. What have I been doing? Oh yeah, getting Christmas gifts ready (I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about giving one in particular - it is hard to wait since we won't give it until after Christmas).
  • Tonight will be (another) baby food making night. She is a big eater! I am more resolved than ever to buy as little store baby food as possible after considering several things: 1) The price! Wow, I can make stuff for a fraction of the price of store bought food and 2) the health benefits. I know what is going into the babyfood I make at our house and you never know what sort of preservatives or coloring they put in the jarred stuff. I need to try get her to eat a few more foods but it seems like I can't find the time to investigate what they should be. She ate Kale last week and seemed to like it. It was mixed in with other stuff but we need to encourage her to keep eating super foods like that.
  • We ate the Kale too as we are trying to lead by example. Not long now and she'll really be paying attention to what we do! It wasn't bad. I "fried" it with garlic and olive oil.
  • This random list got a lot longer than I thought it would! :)

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Arielle said...

I love those Christmas elf videos, I hadn't seen that one. Way cute! :0)