Thursday, December 11, 2008

Change of Plans

My blog post this morning was going to be about my wonderful fix-it husband. He fixed my car heater last night. The fan was clogged with all sorts of junk including Kansas wheat, so that had to have been from long ago! However, that won't be what this post is about since when I got in my car this morning to leave, it didn't work. It worked last night though! More time will be spent fixing it tonight. By the way, he is wonderful and can fix things. This problem just may take another fix-it session! :)

I'm hoping to get time this weekend to take Abigail's Christmas photo (and one with the whole family - I want to try to do this every year, now that we have a kid). It will be difficult to find time to fit it in with meetings, girls outings (yeah!), Andrew leaving for NY on a business trip, gift wrapping and shopping, etc. I may have to pick and choose what activities I participate in. I'm trying my hardest not to make this holiday season rushed or busy.

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