Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gnashing of Teeth

It is time for an Abigail update, don't you think. She's been doing so many fun things lately and some not so fun things.

  • She's walking. If she isn't concentrating on walking, she can walk all the way across the room. She is getting steadier every day. Her primary choice of mobility is to bear crawl. She can move very quickly that way but she also seems to love walking!
  • She is playing peek-a-boo on her own. By this I mean that she will put a towel or blanket over her own head, pull it off, and want me to say, "Peek-a-boo" or "Where's Abigail?". So cute!
  • She is grinding her teeth (hence the title of this post)! I know she has one front tooth trying to come in but it seems like that one shouldn't be giving her fits like it is. When the other side came in, I didn't even know it. One day I looked in her mouth and presto, there was a tooth! I'm suspicious that she's working on her one-year molars. I don't think they're ready for an entrance yet but perhaps they are moving some. Her tooth grinding is constant. I keep thinking she'll wear the teeth she already has down to little nubs!
  • She does not like to ride in the car. She whines and sometimes cries every day in the car on the way to and from work. I know she's just bored and wants out of her seat but this newest development has made me very nervous about our 15 hour car ride next week. I suppose she may learn that whining doesn't get her out of her car seat during those 15 hours. Thankfully we're staying overnight both ways so we'll only have to listen to her whine and cry for 6 to 8 hours a day, instead of a full 15.
  • She can find what you ask her to (for the most part). I can say, "find your dolly" and she'll pull it out of the toy box or pick it up, if it is already laying in the room. I THINK she also knows where her number book is, the piano, and her sippy cup. She doesn't do this all the time. I think she has to be in the right mood. :)
  • She waves good-bye now. She also doesn't do this 100% of the time. The right (un-fussy) mood must be present.
  • She claps her hands when I do. Most people think she's playing patty-cake but I don't think we've done that enough for her to be wanting to play that game. She does love getting applause, so I think she wants us to clap for her.
Abigail's daddy is coming home (late) tonight! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

I have such an advanced grandchild!. I can hardly wait to see Abigail do all those things.

Maybe if you sit in the back seat with her (and entertain), she'll be happier. You might try taking some new toys or ones she hasn't seen for a while. Is she eating finger food yet?

Grandma RoAnn

Jaime said...

Of course, I will do that. 15 hours is just a lot of entertaining!

Andrew said...

I was just thinking that you should sit in the front seat and we can let her whine and cry so that she can break the habit.