Sunday, December 14, 2008

On my own!

Wow, it has been a bit since I posted. I guess I missed Grateful Friday. Not that much was going on, I just didn't get on the computer. Abigail is definitely going through an independence stage right now. She is clingy but then wants to get down to try out her walking but then realizes she can walk and wants to come back to me. I spent a lot of time Friday playing with her in the living room. That's a good thing! :)

I'm going it alone for a few days. Andrew is on his way to NY to conduct some training seminars for his company. It will be fine since it is the week (not weekend) and all will go on like normal with work. I'm not a huge fan of being alone for long periods of time but I'm sort of looking forward to a few evenings alone to get things done. Abigail went to sleep about 7 pm tonight, so it feels like a long stretch of evening before my own bedtime! I'm doing some cleaning and then I'll read. I'm very thankful to have my in-law close by, just in case I need something. I keep thinking that another mouse episode may occur but so far, there is no evidence of that! :)

Our church is having a Christmas program tonight and I wish I could have heard it. I knew that it wouldn't work out because of Abigail's bedtime and Andrew being gone. Our girl slept almost 14 hours last night (6 pm to 7:45 am). I think she's still catching up from last Thursday night. Walking must also take a lot of her energy!

I had a blast yesterday hanging out with some girlfriends of mine. Andrew was a very nice husband and daddy and took care of Abigail from 1:00 pm until she went to bed. I got in around 11:00 pm. We went shopping at an outlet mall and then had a late supper together but the whole day was very fun. I'm also almost done with my Christmas shopping.

Night all!

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