Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Monday

Whew! I guess I'm now into skipping Friday blog writing. I had an extremely productive day on Friday. I got loads of laundry done, master bedroom, Abigail's bedroom cleaned, upstairs vacuumed and kitchen cleaned all before Abigail's first nap. It helped that she woke me up at about 6:45 am. After the nap we went to Target to do Christmas shopping. It was the first time that she was whiny and fussy while riding in the cart. Her "whiny-ness" is not a new thing. I think it comes with the age she is but still, she had plenty to look at and keep her entertained. I didn't get it all purchased so Andrew and I ended up returning on Saturday. We got all the gifts wrapped and some delivered yesterday and of course I gave my husband his Christmas present . . . several games of Age of Empires. If you don't know, it's a highly addictive computer game that he taught me how to play in college. I hadn't played in a year but it comes back to you quickly! Anyway, he wanted me to play and so I did, instead of cleaning or laundry but sometimes you have to improvise with what you consider quality time to be. It makes him happy, so I play! :)

I can't believe that we're leaving tomorrow night for Kansas. I have so much packing to do. Our house is pretty clean, believe it or not. Andrew's cousin is back in town from Texas, and he came over and played Age yesterday with Andrew, so I spent the time that they were playing, cleaning. I got the bathrooms cleaned, laundry done, buttons sewed, etc. Abigail was asleep, of course.

Oh, I suppose I ought to mention that Abigail got another tooth in this weekend. She's been in pain and working on this one for a while, so I'm glad it's in. It is a bottom right (her right) tooth. I think the molars are next! Yikes!

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