Friday, February 06, 2009

Update from the good Doc

Abigail weighs 22 pounds (75%, which has gone up significantly from her last check-up where she was in the 50%). She is 30 1/2 inches long (90%), and her head is 18 3/4 inches around (99%).

The doctor said she is a beautifully formed baby (really a toddler now)! :)

We talked about nutrition, learning to talk, and her rash problem, which isn't really a problem anymore.

We stopped at Babies R Us on the way there. I should NOT be allowed to shop there without some accountability. Whoa! Thankfully I caught myself and put about six summer outfits back before checking out or it would have been worse. I just love summer baby clothes (winter, not so much) and can't resist all the cute Carter's stuff. She really doesn't have many 18 month summer clothes yet but I figure that I still have time to buy before then. I'm also going to try to buy as much used (or free) clothes that I can, to cut costs. Also, I might as well wait and see what she gets for her birthday.

However, I found Abigail the most adorable Easter dress and shoes today. I'm not 100% on the shoes. They may be too big. I may try to find another pair that will go with more outfits so I don't spend $12 on shoes she'll wear once. Now the only thing I need to keep my eye out for is a cute hair accessory for Easter. She only has two bows and her hair is getting long enough that we can accessorize. She never really did like the headbands.

Ok, she's up from her nap, so I'd best be off!

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