Saturday, February 07, 2009

I've transferred by obsession!

In my early college days, I was obsessed with shoes! I loved buying all sorts of shoes for myself. I suppose that I grew up a bit and realized that my money needed to go to other things, like a mortgage, groceries, savings, etc, and am really over that phase. I haven't gotten shoes for myself since I was pregnant and that was a purchase out of necessity to save my back!!

Anyway, I have found a new love. Baby shoes. Oh. my. goodness. These are so cute I can hardly stand it. So far I have bought only two pair and I have bought them both used so they were only about 1/4 of the price but still. I must control myself.

Anyway, nothing deep to write for today. I just wanted to say that I love these shoes.

They are so cute!


Laura said...

The "Abigail" ones are SO cute! But that whole link has the cutest kid shoes I have ever seen. I hope I have a girl someday!

Jaime said...

Andrew doesn't like me saying this but it makes me want to have another girl, so I can use the excuse that she can wear Abigail's old clothes and shoes.

melanie Haspels said...

The shoes are pretty cute--I would be tempted too :)