Friday, February 06, 2009

Grateful Friday

It's grateful Friday again. I've neglected this a few times so I thought it was time to do another one!

Here it goes:

  • I'm grateful for our girls' night last Friday. We had so much fun "just talking". I can't wait for next month!
  • I'm grateful for a wonderful time at our small group last night and for Anne, who watched Abigail again for us!
  • I'm grateful that my daughter sleeps through the night 99% of the time! We are so blessed!
  • I'm grateful for my husband who changed "the world's poopiest diaper" (his words) this morning before bringing Abigail to me.
  • I'm grateful that my daughter is so easily entertained by a plastic thing that flaps around (not even really a toy) so I can write this.
  • I'm SOOOO grateful for the warmer weather that is in the forecast for the next few days. Even if it gets cold again, it will be a nice break for a few days.
  • I'm grateful that my family is making the long trek here next week to celebrate Abigail's birthday. We miss them and I can't wait for them to spend time with her (and me)!!
  • I'm grateful that it looks like we'll break even on our taxes this year! :)
  • I'm grateful that Abigail is getting her molars (one is in!) and she really isn't acting like she's in pain!

Have a wonderful Friday.

We're off to see the doctor at 2:00 pm this afternoon for Abigail's one-year well baby visit. I'm interested to see how much she weighs.


Jennifer said... shouldn't have said that about Abigail sleeping at night! You jinxed it! ;) Aaron did that the other day and THAT night, BOTH kids were up numerous times!!!

Jaime said...

I have said that before, so I think we're in the clear.

Abby said...

Jamie - I have had your blog in my Google Reader for awhile - sorry I haven't commented sooner!
But I started a blog this week and am going to use some prompts to get the posts rolling - mind if I borrow grateful friday? I will put a link to your blog!
Have a great weekend!
Abby Reed