Monday, February 09, 2009


Abigail is teething like I've never seen her teething before. Yes, Jen you were right. After I wrote that post about her sleeping so well, she has had a few rough nights. I'm almost 100% sure that it's her teeth but I always second guess myself until I know for sure (which I do, then I still guess).

Her top left one has several spots that have broken through the skin. The top right one has one spot. The bottom molars just seem very very swollen and sensitive (like she screams when I touch them). She's been awake between 2 to 3 times a night the past few nights. She's been running a very mild fever on and off all weekend.

During the day when she's awake, besides the massive amount of drool that covers her chest, she's still pretty happy-go-lucky. She chews on everything so you have to watch that girl. She went straight for a little teether when she got to the babysitters today. Poor girl.

I even broke down and gave her a 1/2 dose of Tylenol last night. *Gasp* I know. Her first drugs. Such a big occasion. After I gave it to her, she slept better. Not 100% but better.

And . . . I'm tired.

I'd forgotten what getting up a lot a night (and working the next day) was like. I figure at some point I might have to bring in her daddy to give me a little night-time relief.


Jennifer said...

Those 1 yr. molars are the worst it seems! Abby told me about some teething tablets that worked for her. I've tried them--they seem to calm Jacob down more than anything. The other bad thing about molars is that it's too dangerous to put orajel on! Too many teeth to bite!!! :) Hope they finish coming through soon.

Jaime said...

Are you talking about Hyland's teething tablets? We have those. If not, please let me know what worked for you!!

Jennifer said...

It's Hyland's. The best for Jacob was either Tylenol or Motrin for the pain (I know you don't like to give her medicine, though). But those tablets seemed to kind of settle him down a bit.