Thursday, February 12, 2009

Steppin Out

In an effort to make it easier to comment on my blog, I have removed the Word Verification section. I'm a bit nervous about this. Hopefully it does not create any spam headaches. Oh well, if it does I will simply turn it back on. Comment away! :)

Abigail is escaping from me in this picture. Can her hear the whine coming from her when you look at this? She wanted to walk around and explore the new area (basement) and did not want to stand or sit still very long! I love this girl!!


Laura said...

I have been thinking about taking off my word verification thing too. I think I will now! I've already had one person comment on my blog who I don't know, even with it on!
Abigail is so cute! She is growing up so fast...

annaO said...

If you want to avoid spam, you can just moderate comments. It'll have you verify you want it posted/know the person before it shows up.

I'm pretty sure my blog isn't as widely read as yours, but I've never had problems with spam comments on mine.

p.s. Abigail's such a cutie! Have fun with the fam this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it makes it much easier for people like me to leave comments.


Laura said...

I definitely want to plan a family vacation! Cheap is fine with us too. Are we planning for this coming summer or next summer (2010)? I don't think I'll be able to get away any other time than summer now that school is so crazy. Yeah, we should get to planning. I guess the first thing is to find a time when most people could make it!

Jaime said...

Wow, look at all these comments! :) Thanks guys!