Monday, February 16, 2009

1 Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed!

One of Abigail's new favorite things to hear is that rhyme, "Five little Monkeys jumping on the bed" and so on. It all started when her Grandma Fairchild made her a sock monkey for Christmas. She loves that thing and I say the rhyme to her almost every day in the car when we're driving somewhere (to or from work). Well, Daddy watched Abigail today while I worked and she discovered that SHE was the monkey. Thankfully there were no broken or bumped heads in this house. She was so adventurous that I had to take some pictures!!

She's jumping on the air bed that we have set up in the office for Aunt Jenny to sleep on. Abigail discovered today that she can climb on it and jump!
Then she discovered that she wanted to "jump" off. It was more like stumbling or walking but an attempt at something dangerous, none the less!

"Jumping" off the bed. Yes, she is doing this ALL on her own with no assistance from us. See Andrew sitting by the computer and I'm taking the pictures. She stumbled once on the bed but miraculously did not hit her head on the book shelves behind her.

Climbing on again!

I'm concerned she's becoming a dare-devil like her dad! Yikes! :)

She conquered the bed but not the drool! Her other three molars are definitely working their way in!

She was so tired and slap-happy at this point. She managed to nap twice today but still had a very exciting weekend.


Anonymous said...

What a cute story and pictures! If you ever need to entertain Abigail for a while, just blow up the air mattress! How long did she play on it?

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

She probably played on it for 1/2 hour that night. She has played earlier in the day, however.