Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Old Houses

I can not tell you how tired I am of old houses. I never thought that I would love drywall or new carpeting but it really does make a difference. I am tired of old plumbing that leaks, dark wood panelled walls, crooked floors, lead paint chips, dropped ceilings, spiders (which I know those are in every house) and no doors in the house, except to the bathroom and one in the bedroom! We have made lots of progress on our house, thanks to family who helped, but wouldn't it be nice just to have something new or at least newer?! I shouldn't be so negative and I should appreciate the nice things about our house, the bathroom and office! :)


Anonymous said...

I guess that is why old houses are often called "money pits."

Anonymous said...

I love your "old" house! And I'm proud of all you and Andrew have done to improve it. Your painted paneled walls are much more interesting than drywall. What's wrong with your carpeting? I can't even think what it looks like--good or bad? You have TWO bathrooms. You have two nice-sized guest bedrooms. You have an attractive office, a music room/library, a big backyard. My favorite feature of your house is the eating area in your kitchen with its big picture windows. What a cozy place to sit and drink a cup of tea and have devotions in the morning. You live in a peaceful neighborhood with many other beautiful, old homes.

I can't think where you need another door. One of the newest, most beautiful homes I've seen has a living area with a full view of the refrigerator, stove, kitchen cupboards, etc.

Call the plumber to fix the pipe. Definitely spray for spiders. I don't want either of you getting a brown spider bite! But enjoy your beautiful, old house and the improvements you've made. You won't have to live there forever. Someday you'll look back with loving nostalgia on your first home with all its problems. You won't remember the "warts." You'll just remember how happy you were sharing life with Andrew in your own place.

You are a princess living in a castle with your prince! As you often say--Enjoy!

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

The carpet is the color brown. The exact brown, however, that it matched the exact color of Dewey's diarrhea last night! Oh yeah!