Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Back in Kansas

We arrived back in Kansas last night at about 5:30 p.m. It was a very nice trip. I want to comment on my last post. To be quite honest, I barely remember typing it and I'm not sure why I felt it was necessary to post at 3:00 a.m. when I wasn't feeling well. Oh well, I am leaving it up because it is quite humerous how incredibly out of it I was. Most of it doesn't even make sense.

I haven't heard back from the church yet. I sent in my formal application yesterday so I would imagine they are waiting on that, since references and such are on there. I will post as soon as I know anything. I am excited about the prospect of doing what I went to school to do but I am nervous at the same time to experience not living close to my family.

I also must say that there is quite a bit of slacking going on around here today. I realize that I had removed an earlier post that vented some job frustrations but today I just want to add it again, but I won't. Maybe in the future. I just wish we each had little workomeders and we were only paid for the work we did (at home and at work). I have a feeling I would be fairly wealthy, although I can think of some others who do work harder than me. Well, we are back in Kansas and just waiting to see what the future holds.

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Amy said...

Jaime -

Always remember that YOU have to want to work for a company/organization as much as they want you. Treat every interview with a group as if you are interviewing them just like they are interviewing you. It's so important to be able to discern the personality of the group as you think about committing so much of your daily life to them.

And speaking of commitment, don't hesitate to ask for what you want. When you start a job and it isn't everything you want it to be (and it won't be) make sure you ask for more work or less overtime or more instruction or whatever concern you have. If you don't get help LEAVE. Don't spend your time and energies working for a place that doesn't appreciate your unique talents and gifts.

That said there is something to learn from every situation so I don't advocate running out the door as soon as you're unhappy.

Enough of the job-seeker advice from Amy for now...