Friday, October 30, 2009

38 week appointment

I had my 38 weeks appointment this morning. A lot of the pressure I'm feeling is normal, the midwife assured me. I also have normal (but low) iron levels, so I'm just watching that. She made sure the baby's head was down and then she did check me (upon my request).

I'm already 2 cm dilated. It really doesn't mean much as far as when the baby will be born but I am glad to know that those 20 minutes of contractions the other night already got me to a 2. That's nice! :)

Abigail has a snotty nose and cough still but didn't run a fever at all. She was still a little cranky at times and is whining in her crib right now (bedtime) so we'll see if she goes to sleep soon. Her nap time was still pretty short today (1 hour). I tell you, this girl knows when it is her momma at home with her and just won't nap for any good length of time. She's taken a 4 hour nap before at the sitters house.

I did manage to sleep about 20 minutes while she was asleep. I'm hoping for a little longer rest time tomorrow.

I keep wondering how long I'll be able to do things (like grocery shop, pick up Abigail, etc) but I'm still going. I managed to get several things done around the house today. I took out some trash, cleaned up our room, did the dishes, grocery shopped, made beef enchiladas for dinner, and did some laundry. All in all it wasn't a bad day.

I'm going to see if there is any wiggle room in our budget from October. If so, I am seriously considering hiring someone to come clean, just for a hour. It would make a big difference!

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