Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I did end up going home to rest. It was nice. I am now thinking that I had some sort of protein or blood sugar issue that made me feel that weird. Feel fine this morning. I'm going to start the day with a hearty dose of eggs and keep some food nearby, just in case.


Quick letter to those of your related to my dear husband who live close by:

Dear family,

My apologies in advance if I call you in the middle of the night during the next two nights. I promise I will only do so if I am dying or having a baby. Thank you for being around. That alone makes me feel better!

The lady almost ready to have the baby (but not in the next few days)


Jaime said...

In other news: I think we may have found a name we both like and agree on. It's not Biblical but it does have a great meaning and we like the way it sounds. Bring on the bribes!

Susan said...

I promise to come over in the middle of the night if needed! And I won't even make you tell me the name!

Jaime said...

If you have to come over in the middle of the night, I'll tell you the name!

Susan said...

Does midnight count? I will come by tonight...what I have to wait for you to call me?

Jaime said...

Let's say, if I call you to drive me to the hospital, then I'll tell you the name.