Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stepping Out. This is faith, right?

I have to admit a few things to you today.

I'm scared out of my mind.

I'm a little scared of being a mother of two. I know there will be joyful times and I know there will be struggles. We'll get through and maybe even enjoy ourselves in the process.

What I'm really scared of is . . . .




I have always worked. In fact most of my adult life I have had more than one job. I've never had NONE!

The sermon we heard yesterday at church did not fall on deaf ears. It was about giving and stepping out in faith. Perhaps this is not how people usually think of giving; it is real to me that I'm giving up something that makes me feel secure (a job = financial income) for something I feel God is calling me to do (raise my kids).

While talking about this in the car on the way home with my husband, I was challenged that if this is where I feel called to "give" sacrificially (or give up is a more appropriate phrase) I need to be doing so cheerfully, as the Bible instructs.

Yes it is scary - way more scary than I want to admit (I LOVE security) but this is a time in my life when I need to practice my trusting skills. I need to trust my husband to do what he can . . . and is willing to do - provide. I need to trust my God to do what He can and is willing to do . . . - provide. I also need to trust myself, my money management skills to help us out.

Yet . . . it is the actual DOING part that is hard . . . The actual trust as go.

10 days left of work (or less if the baby comes early).

Here we go!


Amanda @ My Everyday said...

My advice for staying at home:

Make sure you have places to take the little ones with other moms. Going from being able to talk to adults all day to just the small sentences of a two year old get to you after a few months. LOL

And make sure you get out of the house sometimes without kids, moms night or even grocery shopping!

I'm sure you will be liking staying at home the best thing ever for a few months (maybe longer). Just remember not to get in a rut ;)

I don't know how you are either so I'm not even sure this advice will help, but I give it just the same. I wish I'd known being stuck at home without a car (which you won't be) the first 5 months I stayed home would drive my nutty!! LOL

Jaime said...

Thanks for the advice. I plan to do those things. I am so thankful that my in-law live close by and are very willing babysitters. In fact, I used to teach music lessons before Abigail was born and I will do so again once we get settled in with this baby, so I'll get a break a few hours a week from mothering.

I'm mainly just sad to be losing many good friends that I have here. I guess I'm not really losing them, just won't see them all the time!

Jennifer said...

That stepping out in faith is very hard. But God will never, ever let us down. When Aaron quit his job to take the job back at the college, we thought there would be about a 5 week gap in paychecks, which we were prepared for, thanks to Dave Ramsey. But then things happened and he didn't start working for 3 weeks. So we went from Aug. 7 until Oct. 15 before we got a full paycheck for Aaron. We still had our side job incomes, but those def. didn't add up to what his regular income had been. But we've made it! God completely provided for us. We'll even be able to pay the $1600 in cash for our termite treatment. It was hard, and I freaked out a few times, but God took care of us in His time and in His ways! It's a full time job to be a SAHM, which includes taking care of a large part of the financials (it does for us, anyway). I see that as my main job--saving money and being a good steward of the money my husband works hard to earn.
Praying for your step out in faith! :)

Jaime said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm already the one doing all the finances but I know I'll be able to concentrate on saving more, especially with groceries and gas, when I'm home. We just need to start doing it and I just need to trust!