Friday, October 23, 2009

Choosing Where to Give Birth

If I had my choice of where I would give birth, I would so choose to give birth here:

Okay, so I'm kidding. I would probably not choose to give birth on an airplane but free flights for life does make it sound quite appealing!

I preregistered to give birth at Family Beginnings this morning. I'm eligible to give birth there in one day. I'm 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Wow!

I definitely feel more settled having gotten all this done.

There are a few more things I'd like to do but aren't necessary to do before the baby comes (like get a haircut - make more freezer meals - etc).

My midwife appointment went very well too. I'm so thankful that some of the "problems" I had when pregnant with Abigail are no where to be found in this pregnancy. I haven't gained any weight in a month, my blood pressure is normal, I have no swelling, etc. Those were all concerns last time. I'm thrilled that I'm almost 20 pounds lighter than I was when I had Abigail (again . . . swelling issues). God has blessed me with an abundantly healthy pregnancy and I'm so thankful.

They were/are concerned with my iron levels (which I'm sure are low) so I had to have my blood drawn, but no big deal. I just need to remember to take my supplement a little more often.

Oh, last note of the day . . . the birth center has wireless internet now. I'm going to talk Andrew into taking the laptop and might attempt a blog to two during birth. Wouldn't that be neat? Of course, it might be Andrew blogging but still . . . Maybe I'd get more followers that way! :)

We're off to Shaker Village for the weekend (if we can find a dog sitter).

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