Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Pregnant" comments I have heard recently . . .

and I can't believe people would say some of these!

  • "Now, you're having twins, right?" - Umm, no.
  • My doctor said, "Wow, you have experienced substantial growth these past two weeks." (But I hadn't gained any weight).
  • "I was surprised to hear that you were pregnant but now that I see you, I can see that you are pregnant!"
  • "So, how much weight have you gained this pregnancy?"
  • "I see that your baby has dropped." - So why can't I breathe yet?!
  • "Just in this last week your belly has gone whoa."
Okay, so most of these I still find amusing but I can't believe that people comment on pregnant women at all! I am a pretty conservative person and am not a big fan of people taking particular notice of my body and pregnancy does not help that. It just invites people (how ever well intentioned they are) to just stare, comment, and ask! I was talking to one lady today who spent more time looking at my belly than my face. I mean, I understand the draw, but for a fairly self-conscious person, those things are just a touch embarrassing.

Also, my dear sweet husband keeps mentioning more kids. I warned him that if he is actually wanting to have a serious conversation about having more than two kids, he's better not mention it for a while. . . . at least the next 5 weeks and he'd probably be wise to wait 10 to 15 weeks to even say the words "more kids".

He should have landed by now at the airport (which I can see, thanks to flight tracker). It will be so good to have him home!


Amanda said...

That's so funny! I can't WAIT for people to talk about my belly!! I've always had to mention to people I'm pregnant. I was in labor at McAlisters and in the bathroom i asked a lady, "ask me when I'm due..." she says, "when are you do?" I say, "TODAY!" it was funny.

Jaime said...

That is funny. I don't mind people talking about it but when they stare at my belly more than my face, while we're having a conversation, it's a little weird for me!