Sunday, October 18, 2009

Teeth & Plea for common sense . . .

I just wanted to put up a quick post that Abigail has her bottom 2-year molars coming in already and I believe she's working on more. She has been super slobbery and the bottom ones are through already. I think they still hurt, though. Her chin and cheeks are chapped from drool but I have been treating those with coconut oil and they seem to be better.


Let me simply conclude with this - if you read this and see my daughter, please don't stick your fingers in her mouth to feel for her new teeth.

Thank you! :)


Jennifer said...

Jacob is just now getting his in. One of the bottom ones is mostly through and the other one is starting. They've really been bothering him, too. I've found that the Anbesol, Jr. works better than Orajel. He's ready for it, too...he opens his mouth wide and doesn't try to bite! :) Luckily we haven't had the drool this time around!

Jaime said...

Abigail "asks" for her orajel but we'll have to try Anbesol. She was pointing to her mouth before bed last night and wanting something. I realized that I had forgotten the Orajel. Poor girl! Her bottom ones are almost all the way in!