Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reading and Llamas

Sorry about the quality of this video. I took it last night on the way home with my phone. Abigail's "reading" outloud was SO cute that I had to get a video. I was watching the road and not where my camera was pointed so I don't always have her in the shot. Then while we were driving along, we saw a huge pack of Llamas standing by the road. I believe they had gotten out of their pen. You get to see Abigail's reaction in this video. Of course, she calls them cows first, and then horses. The girl loves her farm animals, though.



Susan said...

I am not the only one who loves her reaction. Abigail just watched it herself 6 times in a row and said "more" every time.

Laura said...

I turned it way up so I could hear what she was saying and when she got excited about the llamas, it startled me! :) So cute how enthusiastic she is about farm animals!

Anonymous said...

Grandma RoRo enjoyed seeing that video very much!