Monday, April 27, 2009

We're Back!

We had a normal day today! I spent the whole day at work and Abigail was at her grandparents and the sitters today. I just hope that now she can stay healthy and not pick up any more bugs!

In other news: I'm sick of the news. I'm sick of hearing all the doom and gloom so I'm taking a break. As much as I like to watch the early morning news, I'm going to turn it off for a week. I think I'll live.

We have an AC repair guy coming out to the house this evening. Let's hope he can fix it. Leaving the windows open at night and all this wind is KILLING my allergies.


Lena said...

I understand about the a/c, here in ca we sure need ours, how is the weather were you live now?

Jennifer said...

I can't even remember the last time I watched the news. Almost every single station (even the local ones) are biased. I just get my news from the internet and my dad:)
We had to turn our AC on last week...sadly none of our windows will open (too old w/ too many layers of paint!!). I hear ya on the allergies, though! They've been brutal for us this year.

Jaime said...

Lena, It has been in the 80s and humid but today it is only supposed to hit 70. Our house was much more comfortable last night!

Oh my allergies are killing me right now. Stuffy itchy nose, watering eyes. All my old tricks (showering twice a day, changing sheets and pillow cases, etc) are not working this time!