Monday, April 13, 2009


Wow, I didn't mean to take a blogging break. I guess that's what happens when I'm home with the husband. He is always on the computer! :) It's okay, though, since he is usually working. We had a fabulous Easter weekend. Andrew was off work on Friday so we got to do some things together as a family and as a couple, including a nice lunch out (just the two of us).

Easter Sunday was great. The weather was beautiful. Abigail took a wonderful nap in perfect time to be refreshed for church. The service at our church was beautiful, wonderful, powerful, and just a great way to celebrate our risen Savior. We had lunch with Andrew's family and had a beautiful day for an Easter egg hunt, some golf, swinging for Abigail, and pictures outside.

Today, we both had the day off, so Abigail and I tagged along with Andrew. He needed to visit a computer store to buy some things for a job he is doing in the area. While we were there, we shopped for a video camera. We've been looking for one for a long time (since ours quit) and we found a GREAT deal. We got a little tiny handheld one, that will fit in my purse, that records in HD for only $90. So we bought that! I've been enjoying it already today. After a quick stop at the Library, we came home to have lunch. Abigail has been a little off on her naps today and I'm trying to get her to sleep right now. She's playing nicely in her crib, so I won't disturb her for a while. Andrew has been off working at this job we bought the equipment for.

No plans for tonight but it is back to work for all of us tomorrow.

Hopefully there will be more opportunities for video and pictures on here, since my new camera does both! :)

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