Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Our dinner out went fine. Abigail was entertained by eating for most of the time. She was quite a ham. Scrunching her nose and laughing out-loud to show off. She's such her father's daughter! :) We had a nice dinner and it was fun to catch up. They are such generous people and gave us our Christmas gift! :) It was grocery gift cards. Yeah, I can't wait to use them. Maybe we can stay under our grocery budget now. Abigail did get a little squirmy at the end but for not having an afternoon nap (she had a 2 1/2 hour morning nap) she did pretty well! She was out about 30 seconds after I put her in the crib last night.

I did take a picture of Abigail's outfit but I didn't take it off the camera yet. So it will be coming.

Abigail's still holding on to her health. She just seems touchy to me but maybe it is just my imagination and worry taking over. Her temp was 99 when we got to the sitters this morning but we all agreed that she'd stay and see if it came down. I just called there and it was down to 98.1 before her nap. Yeah!

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