Monday, April 06, 2009

Abigail's Phobias

Abigail has had several new phobias lately. I have mentioned a few before. One is the black flippers we have laying around here. She will cry if she gets near them. The newest one, however, is her bath. I'm not sure why. She did slip the other day but I was sitting right by her and just sat her right back up. She didn't even get water in her eyes or mouth. I don't think that's it. She has been screaming when I give her a bath, so tonight I got in with her. She clung to me for dear life. I finally got her to sit down in the bath water. I know this will eventually pass but I don't want my daughter to be so frightened of something she used to love so much. We'll get it figured out, I guess. Anyway, my daughter is NOT, and I do mean NOT afraid of heights!

She is such a little monkey, climbing on anything and everything she can get up on! Most of it shouldn't be climbed on!

Rocking Chair

Diaper boxes!
She's just like her daddy, this one!


Abby said...

This sounds familiar, last June (Nathan was 14 months) he hated baths, he would scream throughout the whole thing for no reason. We tried everything - bubbles, crayola color tablets that turned the water colors, they helped but he still hated getting in the tub.
It only lasted about 3 weeks and he went back to loving bath time. Must just be a phase, it will be over soon!

Jennifer said...

Anna went through the same thing, except we don't know why (she never slipped or anything). My dad finally fixed it by letting her play in the tub with no water, then slowly filling it up. After a couple times, she was fine. Jacob hasn't had a phase like this.

Jaime said...

Thanks guys. It just started suddenly during one bath-time. Weird.