Thursday, April 09, 2009

Not good at this!

Ok, so I am slowly but surely becoming addicted to twitter. I am finding more friends, and reading some interesting stuff. I want to add a side bar thingy to my blog that has the "follow me on twitter" link. Lots of people have them but I can't figure it out! This is crazy since web design and computers are what my husband does for a living. He is so busy doing it, though, that he usually doesn't have time to help me with something so insignificant as my blog! :) Any tips, suggestions? Is anyone else who reads this on twitter? If so, let me know your screen name and I'll follow you.

It's my very favorite time of the year . . . Easter! I love Easter!

Have a good Holy Week!


Anonymous said...

What on earth is twitter? Dad and I can't get anyone to tell us.

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

It's another website and it is kind of like a mini-blog. You just write one sentence posts about yourself. I'll show you sometime.