Monday, April 20, 2009

Abigail Update


It's 4:05 pm right now and she's been asleep since 1:15! I guess she was tired, poor girl. I'm sure all this rest is helping her fight her bug.


Well, her fever is back this afternoon. She acts like she doesn't feel good at all, poor baby. On our way home, she threw up in her carseat. It was actually a bit funny, since she had some cheerios in her hand. Right when she finished throwing up, she stuck the cheerio in her mouth and continued to eat. She munched on them all the way home but proceeded to lose them all over the kitchen floor when we got into the house. I wasn't sure about feeding her anything else, so she just got some milk (from me). My main thought during this is that I am SO thankful we are still breastfeeding. Not only is it a comfort to her, it is healthy and is sometimes all she can keep down. I think she just has an upset stomach from too much drainage. I certainly hope that is the case.

I took her right upstairs and put her down for nap. She was out in 2 minutes.

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