Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love being a mommy! There are just some days that I don't realize it! :) Abigail has come down with something again, a cold, or whatever, I'm not sure. She is also getting her eye teeth. I've heard those are the worst, as far as pain goes. She is acting miserable at times. One has come through, one is close, and two more to go. Then we'll have a teething break for a while, until the two-year molars decide to come in.

It is supposed to be so nice and warm tomorrow. I hope she is well enough (she probably will be) for us to do something fun. I was thinking about taking her to the zoo or aquarium but I may try something a little less expensive (and far away) and just take her a park. I think she'd like that. Her sitter has been recommending a climbing structure for her, since she climbs on everything!!

One of the things that Abigail has been doing lately that is pretty cute is trying to "talk" loud enough to get our attention. She is not really screaming (although she does that sometimes) but she just says "da, da, da, da, da" over and over again, VERY loudly, until you look at what she wants you to look at. I told her last night that she related to the Harps, since she is so loud (family joke - for those of you reading that are NOT in my family - which probably aren't very many)! I seriously can't talk over her little voice.

Here is our Easter picture:

Another lesson I learned on Easter Sunday is that mommy's of active little girls have to wear sensible shoes. I have these fabulous shoes that I don't wear often. They are pretty tall and have a tight strap but are as comfortable as 3-inch heels can be. Well Sunday they just didn't work. I was chasing my kid all over creation in those things and I simply could not keep up. She loves chasing and petting the cats now!


Susan said...

I hope all the compliments on your shoes helped make up for the problem!

Lena said...

i have a two year old little girl, and her molars are just comming out, she sure kept me awake some of the nights with her discomfort... but luckily she will be all done soon.

T Sharee said...

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Anonymous said...

I know I'm going to sound like grandma, but do you think Abigail looks a little like Rosalie? She does to me...

Jenny ;)