Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Who wants what?

After recently joining the myspace online community, I begun to reconnect with old friends that I haven't thought about in years. It has been good, in a way. It was at least, reminded me that I have friends. It has also gotten me thinking about Sterling and our life there. I know that it has all changed now, many of my best friends (and co-workers) are gone, and the atmosphere has changed. I've heard this time and again. This doesn't stop me from missing what we had there.

However . . . . . I have felt lately that some people would prefer us to live Kansas. Many times this idea hurts my feelings. I feel as if I have sacrificed living far away from my family, and that is not appreciated. It also makes me feel as if I am not well liked (worst feeling ever). Anyway, this idea kept me up a little bit last night. I also do like it here! I love our church and the caring community there. I love my Sunday school kids and my fellow teachers. I love my job and the people here. I love our new house and the location. I love the "build-in" family that Andrew's family has provided for us. This is a good "country in or close to the city" type of area. I am able to take advantage of things, such as May Festival, while still driving by farms every day. Anyway, moving on . . .

The roof on our house is being finished today. My past two day's lunch breaks have been spent driving to the roofing distributor (down in Lockland) to pick up extra supplies and also PAY for them. Argh! I'm sick of spending money even though I know it is on a fabulous new house. Anyway, today, I drove down, picked up ridge caps, drove up to our house, dropped them off, and made it back to work, all in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. I owe the church a little make up time. Andrew should be able to start working on the electric work, as soon as his class slows down a bit. He's got a final test, a final paper, and a power point presentation due soon. I'm trying to be patient. The siding guy is scheduled to start next Monday. I'm now hoping for drywall around the 17th of November. We're also contemplating installing the insulation ourselves, to save money . . . of course. I should have time to post lots more fun pictures tonight, if I think of it. I'm really enjoying this lull in the house building. I can't imagine what I'll feel like when it's all done and I don't have to deal with it anymore!! Yeah! I planted some bulbs (by the mailbox) and a bag of grass seed this past weekend. Just in time, as I think the first hard frost hit this morning.

I have also developed a new reaction to stress. My normal reaction to stress: weight gain and yes, I know it is from eating too much. Now, I have discovered that I have an eyebrow twitch above each eye. For a while I thought it might be my diet (which has been so incredibly terribly bad bad bad) but recently I've improved my diet and now both eyebrow's are twitching! I guess twitching is better than weight gain. I have noticed several sweaters are smaller than they were last year. Hmm, must have shrunk in the cold barn storage! :) I can't wait to go back on the Jaime's southbeach diet and buy myself an exercise machine (I've got half the money saved away in my underwear drawer, I'm sure you wanted to know that). Wow, this is an incredibly long blog. I'd better get to work on Sunday's attendance! All for now folks!

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Susan said...

Are you talking about Wayne saying that he missed visiting you when you lived in Kansas? He really didn't mean that he thought you should live there, he just thought that Sterling was a nice place to live!