Sunday, October 29, 2006

Electric and other things . . .

I haven't updated much recently because things have slowed down considerably. Andrew started to work on the electric this weekend, despite the fact he is fighting a cold. I think he will recover quickly, as it seems to not be severe. I'm doing my best not to catch it (although, I've always caught his colds!) because I'm singing at Monroe Presbyterian next Sunday.

Our siding guy was pushed back another week, due to rain delays. That's fine since it is giving Andrew an opportunity to recover and finish this class he is in, while working slowly on the electric. He is also going to have to fix the stairs (they don't fit but were build to plan, we're not sure what happened) and frame in one more door upstairs to some attic space. I don't think we'll be in by Christmas now, but that's ok. I appreciate all the money we're saving by him doing the work.

I taught Sunday School this morning. It was a little tiring as I had to put my one sweet heart in time-out FOUR times! The lady who helped me, told me I did a great job with this girl, after the hour was over, even though I didn't feel things went well.

Well, that's it for now. I'm off to enjoy the last few remaining hours of the weekend!!

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