Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Long time . . . no post!

Sorry for the gap in between posts. For some people a month is a long gap, but several days is a long time for me, especially with this house. We have been struggling with a few sub contractors charging more than they had originally said. One guy has a (sort of) legitimate reason, so we are paying him a little extra, but I've got our consultant checking into the other one. I just get extra stressed, as I'm sure anyone would, if things go over budget, even a little bit. We aren't putting anything extravegant in this house (at least we think so) so I'm hoping out budget will even out pretty soon. This is a good test for me, to be able to trust that God has our best in store, even if I have to spend money, which is a hard thing for me to do. We've been able to cut many things out of our budget, but we were hoping those would be savings on the total cost of the house, not covering overbudget items from other subcontractors.

We are currently still working on installing windows and doors, and roughing in plumbing and HVAC. The siding guy said he would be able to start on the 30th and it will take him a week to finish. This timing sets us back a week but it is good for Andrew, so he will have more time to finish the windows/doors and the finish the electric. These things all have to be done before we insullate or drywall because we have to pass a county inspection first. We may not pass on the first try so I'm not getting my hopes up for drywall until the 2nd or 3rd week of November. Andrew is (thankfully) taking the next class off, since he will have lots of projects to finish next month on the house (cabinets, trim, and some flooring). We are hoping to be in our house, with a nice little office set up for him, by the time his next class starts. That's all for now.

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