Thursday, October 26, 2006

More pictures. . . finally

Yeah! Blogger is being wonderful tonight, imagine that! So, I am able to post lots and lots of pictures! Enjoy!

The beautiful tree in our neighbors yard!

The back sliding door is now installed. Wayne and Andrew figure out how to fix the crack at the top (so they can nail in the door)! They fixed it, of course.

The back of the house.

The view out of the double window in the upstairs bedroom. That window was a bear to install. I wasn't dragging it up the ladder but I was inside, scared to death!

Looking out one of the front dormers.

The view out of the upstairs bathroom window (it's small and high so you can't see in, really).

View of the house with all the windows installed!

Installing the door from the mud room to the back yard.

The view into the garage. All the windows and doors are waiting to be installed.

Dewey gets a hug from me (Jaime). I look a little psycho in this picture but there are others that are worse (believe it or not).

Downstairs back bedroom window is installed.

Looking into the mud room, then laundry room, from the kitchen door.

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