Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We're FINALLY backfilled!

I have yet to witness the backfill with my own eyes, but our trusty spy, Grandma Myers, reported to Andrew this afternoon, that there was indeed a "big truck pushing dirt around." It seems like we've waited on this a long time, but in reality it's only been a week since my first call. During our site visit with our consultant this morning, I shared a bit of my frustration with the fact that the excavators have told me that they would be out to backfill but they have not and have not called. One call from him, and we had a definitive time and the carpenters were busily cleaning up the site. We were remarking again today how we only started digging on our house three weeks ago today. Things are going so fast! So, here's an updated schedule:

Today: Backfill and framing
Tomorrow: AM, meeting with the septic excavator and beginning to trench, PM Porch and Garage Concrete poured, steps installed inside
Friday: Finish framing (maybe), continue to work on roof, and septic excavator work
Saturday: Roofing Party!
Tuesday: HVAC and Plumber beginning rough in

That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll get pictures up later today. It's changed already!

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