Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smarty Pants

Abigail has been shocking us lately with her brain. Seriously. The girl is too smart for her own good. I wanted to write a few of these down so I don't forget.

She is 3 years and almost 3 months old.

  • While eating dinner the other night, she wanted some of my food. I don't remember what it was for sure but I think it was corn. She said "Mama, can I have some of yours?" and before I even got a chance to reply to her request, she said, "God tells us in the Bible that we need to share." Oh my! I guess she's been listening to my constant speeches to her about sharing toys with her sister.

  • While driving in the car a few weeks ago, she said something that her dad and I didn't understand. When I repeated what I thought she said, she replied, "No mom, I mean the thing you drink out of" which I guess meant she was talking about cups.

  • While eating lunch the other day, I thought Abigail asked me "What is this?" and was indicating some peas I had placed on her plate. She looked at me funny when I said "a pea" and continued to repeat what she asked (which was) "Where is Dad?". When I said, "He's at work" she then replied to me "why did you say he taking a pee?" Ha ha ha ha!!!

  • Abigail and her dad have occasionally been indulging in ice cream every so often in the evening hours. If we mention this ahead of time we never hear the end of it. One night Andrew had mentioned ice cream and Abigail had asked us many times over if it was time to eat it yet. Finally her daddy said that if she brought it up again that she wouldn't be allowed to have any. So a few minutes later she was jabbering to her dad about what fun things we were going to do that evening and she came to the part about the ice cream . . . in which she said "then we'll sit down together and umm. . . . well . . . umm. . . we'll have a yummy treat." Ha! We were both floored that she remembered his ultimatum and didn't actually mention the word "ice cream".

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