Monday, May 02, 2011

Baby Baby - Thoughts at almost 39 weeks

I really thought I'd have a baby by now. I guess the main reason I feel that way is that I thought my children would progressively come earlier and earlier but I guess that reasoning is faulty.

Abigail was 3 days before her due date, Elsie 6 days before her due date, so I guess I sort of assumed this one might be 9 days before his due date. No such luck.

Oh well.

Despite being increasingly uncomfortable (I NEVER remember it being this bad before) there is no rush for him to get here.

The hardest part is taking care of the girls all day. I can do it. I just can't think about everything that has to be done in a day for them or I feel overwhelmed. I'm so thankful for Andrew and all the help he's been giving me - especially with them.

I have done everything mentally possible to prepare. You see, my husband thinks that my babies are born when something mentally changes for me (like Abigail being born just hours after I left work on maternity leave). I tend to disagree with this argument. I think the baby comes when he's ready and then the hormones start labor. It has little to do with me! :)

Anyway, for my own memories sake, here is a list of things that I thought might release me "mentally" to start labor: getting all the laundry done last week, cleaning both bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the living room (dusting and vacuuming included!!), eating spicy mexican food (it's happened several times with no luck), having Andrew take pictures of me in late pregnancy (with Elsie I went into labor the day after we did this), stayed out "late" to play a board game with family (went into labor with Abigail the day after we did this) - didn't work since I'm not in labor right now), etc. That's all I can think of right now.

Well, I have a midwife appointment today so I'm sure I will report back on that. I'm not technically 39 weeks until Tuesday . . . which also happens to be my birthday. I'd love to share my birthday with our little boy but I had hoped he would come before then so I could actually enjoy eating something or resting in relative comfort on that day. Oh well. I know it won't be forever.


Susan said...

I am impressed with how much you can get done. It is hard to appreciate how much effort it takes to feed, train, care for and entertain 2 (or 3) children and I got a good taste of that this morning! I still need to get myself dressed! You are doing so well!

Jaime said...

Thanks! Your comment means a lot! Andrew said last night he can't wait for me to have this baby so he can have a "vacation" from work. I understand what he means but he may be in for a little shock after caring for the girls for a few days on his own. Of course, as I discovered this weekend, my standard of feeding them is still a teeny bit higher than his! :)