Monday, May 02, 2011

39 week appointment

I had my 39 week appointment this morning (despite not actually being 39 weeks until tomorrow). Andrew took these pictures yesterday.


  • Still dialated about the same amount. She said 2 cm and 80% so almost 3. Funny midwife.

  • I didn't ask about my blood pressure but they didn't say anything so I'm sure it was fine.

  • My belly measured 40 weeks - like last week - but it was a different person measuring so that probably makes a little difference.

  • No real significant contractions or pains.

  • She said the baby is not engaged yet but with 2, 3, 4 babies, a lot of times they don't drop until actual labor has started. I never noticed my babies dropping before until I was in the birth center getting ready to have them so that makes sense.

  • She is concerned that the baby is laying posterior (meaning facing forward with his spine against mine) and not anterior like he is supposed to be. This primarily just means that I would have back labor so she gave me a few exercises to do to try to get him to turn around. I have read that most babies will turn during the labor so I'm hoping for that!!

I'm hoping the rain will hold off so we can go on a family walk tonight. Maybe that will help things!

It is still possible to have a birthday baby, I guess, but I assumed I would be feeling more contractions by now if that were the case. I guess we'll see.

And . . . I accidentally uploaded this picture instead of the one of me above but it is so cute I had to keep it. This was Abigail on Easter Sunday! :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you look very pregnant, but beautiful! I still think Aaron is going to weigh over nine pounds.

Love, Mom