Wednesday, April 27, 2011

38 weeks

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and finally posting a picture. Woo! I feel so organized. Okay, not really.

My midwife appointment went very well yesterday. Here are a few of the details.

  • My belly measured at 40 weeks (yikes, no wonder I look like a whale!).

  • I was 2 cm dialated.

  • The baby had not "dropped" yet or engaged. The midwife said the baby did not float away when she pushed on him so he's out of room!

  • My blood pressure was very good. 112/70. I'm so thankful that my last two pregnancies have been free of blood pressure problems.

  • She also said the pressure (which I have felt for MONTHS) is normal for a 3rd pregnancy.

I'm still feeling pretty good. Some days are obviously better than others. I love spring but I don't love the allergy suffering that I get along with spring time. I had a terrible sinus headache yesterday (thankfully Andrew was home anyway - he stayed with the girls during my appt.) but I am feeling much better today.

I still can't help napping once a day (about) even though I really fight it and try not to. I sleep much better at night if I don't nap during the day but if I lay down and sometimes if I just sit in a comfy chair, I am asleep. My morning nap was only 30 minutes so hopefully that wont' affect my nighttime sleep much.

I was having some intense sternum pain for a while but I have found that if I sleep with a row of pillows in front of my, one for my leg and one for my arm, that alleviates the sternum pain. I guess I was sleeping with my shoulders hunched forward too much. I'm glad to have found a solution to that!!

I certainly am ready for this baby to come anytime but I am going to cherish these last few precious days a family of four - so he can come whenever he's ready (as long as it's reasonable!!). We actually made it to play group this morning so it was fun for the girls to get out and play with friends for a little while.

All for now!

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